Capsule Depot Custom Capsule Service


Customization Includes:

Capsule Imprinting – All sizes, colors and varieties of capsules can be custom-imprinted with your brand’s logo, dosage, or other desired message.

Capsule Colors – We can match any pantone color you provide in both gelatin and HPMC based capsules. We can also produce pearlecent colors.  

Capsule Size – While the biggest decision factor in choosing a capsule size must be volume capacity, you can always choose to use a larger capsule than necessary for branding purposes. From the large size 000 capsules all the way down to the small size 5 capsules, a full range of capsule sizes is available.

Capsule Flavors – We can produce capsules in a wide variety of custom flavors. These are very popular with consumers because they taste and smell delicious. If your product has an unpleasant taste or odor, flavored capsules can mask that taste and odor to make your product more appealing than your competitors' offerings.

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