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Why Us

Capsule Depot is an online low price empty capsule supplier. Whether you're looking to buy empty pill capsules for pharmaceutical or dietary supplement purposes, we’ve got you. With our extensive selection and competitive prices, you can conveniently buy empty gelatin capsules and vegan capsules for your specific requirements. Experience unmatched reliability and exceptional customer service at Capsule Depot.

Empty Gelatin Capsules

  • Made from 100% bovine hide gelatin
  • Manufactured in cGMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities
  • No preservatives, prions, TSE or BSE
  • Free of all common allergens
  • Designed for ease of use, whether you're filling them manually or using a capsule-filling machine.
  • ISO 9001 Certified

Vegetarian Capsules

Buy empty vegetarian capsules in small quantities, starting with 100+ capsules. Encapsulate your own powders or oils at home.

  • Manufactured with GMP standards
  • 100% plant-derived vegan capsules.
  • No preservatives, GMOs, or common allergens
  • Suitable for dry and liquid ingredients
  • Double locking system provides a full range of tight locking
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Fast Shipping

    Our robust shipping network stretches across the globe, ensuring timely and secure delivery of your orders, no matter where you are.

  • Customer Support

    Open communication is our bridge to understanding your requirements,and our compass to navigate towards customized solutions.

  • Unbeatable Prices

    • We believe in fair and transparent pricing. We're committed to offering competitive prices on every capsule.