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Flavored Capsules

Flavored Capsules

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The selection of empty capsules available at CapsuleDepot.com makes it easy for consumers and businesses to make their own supplements and mixes based on powdered nutraceuticals, vitamins and herbs. All standard sizes of capsules are sold here, giving buyers the power to create their own dosing systems. Below is a deeper look at the value offered by products at CapsuleDepot.com.

Financial Savings

Supplement users can save big money by filling empty capsules with their chosen supplements rather than buying those same products in pill form. In fact, buying bulk powders and stuffing capsules at home can cut more than half the price off of popular supplements. Although users can stuff capsules by hand, they can drastically reduce the time and effort involved by using a capsule filling machine. Designed to accommodate specific capsule sizes, these machines make it easy for users to maximize their supplement dollars without wasting any powder.

Custom Preparations

The ability to make easy-to-use custom preparations is a major advantage of buying empty capsules. Certain supplements, herbs and nutrients have synergistic properties when combined, but these can become tedious when continually dosed in powder form. A scale can be used to measure precise amounts of different supplements for the required purpose. After the right proportions have been mixed thoroughly and encapsulated, the resulting capsules can be carried and consumed with ease. Consumers may actually find that they are healthier thanks to this convenience because they have eliminated the prohibitive time and effort associated with using supplement powders.

Bulk Nutraceuticals

As consumer interest in nutraceuticals has grown, more supplements have become available through online and offline sources. Unfortunately, certain lesser-known supplements are not readily available in capsule form or require such precise dosing that using them in powder form is impractical. In addition, many popular nutraceutical products are only found in pill or capsule form for higher prices that some consumers may want to avoid. By purchasing these powders in bulk and making capsules at home, consumers can have the supplements they want in the dosages they need while saving money at the same time.

Exact Dosages

The range of capsule sizes at CapsuleDepot.com opens up new possibilities for supplement consumers who need specific dosages that can't be found in pre-filled capsules or pills. Consumers who want larger dosages may be interested in size 00 or 000, which hold around a gram of many common powders. When dosages around 100 mg are desired, size 3 or 4 capsules can be purchased. Consumers who prefer smaller pills for ease of swallowing can even use a number of smaller capsules for each dose to enjoy absolute comfort.

Vegetarian Capsules

Many consumers with vegetarian diets or certain allergies choose to avoid capsules made from animal-derived gelatin. Fortunately, the vegetarian capsules on CapsuleDepot.com are available for consumers as well as companies who want to serve this market. Colored and clear vegetarian capsules are available here in all standard sizes ranging from 4 to 000.

Ease of Use

Consumers who have trouble taking pre-filled capsules or pills due to size or shape may find that their problems are gone thanks to the selection of high-quality gelatin and vegetarian capsules on CapsuleDepot.com. Kids who never wanted to take their vitamins before will be excited to take their supplements in the colored and flavored capsules sold here. For adults, uniquely colored and flavored capsules are ideal for encapsulating supplement powders that look, taste or smell unpleasant. Flavors such as coffee, fruit and mint ensure that supplement users will always enjoy their health regimen.

Consumers and companies that want superior capsules at a great price will find that their needs are met by CapsuleDepot.com. No matter what color, flavor or size buyers need, they will find great capsules at discount prices right here. Deals are regularly available, so it's best to check back for the latest discounts to enjoy even more savings on the same high-quality products.


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